Bibles & Biceps: The Doves & Daughter’s Guide To All Things Christian Workout


Wellness is always a hot topic. How to lose weight, gluten free, paleo, yoga – there is a lot of noise. I’ve always aimed to maintain a wholistic view of health – mental, physical & spiritual. Can our faith play a role in our physical health? Absolutely! It’s important to tend to your physical health with the same faith, strength, compassion & love that you implement into your relationship with God.

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Part of our mission at Doves & Daughters is to find ways to incorporate our spirituality into our modern busy lives as women. With this in mind we’ve just launched a new collection Doves x Fit!

The Doves x Fit Collection: workout gear for women who exercise their minds, bodies and spirit.

Designed with your busy schedule in mind, this collection will bring you from pilates class to the nail salon to the pharmacy with effortless style all while elevating your spirit. All His daughters walk with strength & grace throughout the day, let the world know it.

To celebrate we’ve curated a Pinterest board to help you stay inspired with Christian workout jams, motivational quotes, workout plans & healthy recipes!




Photo credit: Nick Morrison